Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Covid emergency medicine is blocked and sold at a higher price in Adilabad

photo: adityamadhav83

ADILABAD: The emergency medicines that are being used in treatment for covid positive patients are blocked by unscrupulous elements and selling the same at higher prices by taking advantage of emergency of those medicines.

However, there was no shortage of masks in the market since cotton masks are very much available now in the market unlike in the past. Earlier, only surgical masks were available in the market that led to a shortage with huge demand for the masks from the people with the spread of the Covid virus.

Some unscrupulous elements reportedly created an artificial shortage of these emergency drugs and diverted them to the black market to make quick bucks.

The ‘Remdesivir’ injection, that is one among the medicines being considered as an emergency, is sold in the black market by creating an artificial shortage.

It is said that many patients are using this drug with the news that patients suffering from covid virus is fast recovering with the drug.

It is said that the same Remdesivir injection used to be available in the medical stores at around Rs 5,400 for each and the same injection is sold between Rs 10,000 – 15,000 in the black market since there was a huge demand for the injections.

Many doctors are prescribing the Remdesivir as a lifesaving injection when patients are in critical condition while undergoing for covid treatment.

It is said that there was no supply of the Remdesivir injection from the medical agency who supply the medicines from Hyderabad and medical shop staff say that they put up order for the supply of the injection.

However, it is said many doctors are prescribing the Remdesivir even for non-serious patients against the guidelines of the World Health Organisation.

Actually, the injection should be used when patients are suffering from respiratory problems and condition was critical and put on Ventilator but many patients without much severity are also taking the injection as emergency medicine or lifesaving drug.

Brokers and middlemen have entered into the scene and have started exploiting the situation and selling the medicine at higher prices.

Some medical stores staff are saying that the injection is not available at their store but they could help by bringing it from others at a higher price.

Shortage of the emergency drugs related to covid has been created after the state government has given permission to private hospitals for treating Covid patients.